man·tra (măn′trə, mŭn′-)


"A commonly repeated word or phrase, especially in advocacy or for motivation"

This project is about overcoming fears. It was filmed in the Lebuïnuschurch in Bastian's hometown 'Deventer'. The music features some vocal shouts from one of Bastian's friends. These shouts are symbolizing the Mantra.




Bastian Benjamin & FLEMMING's new song "Artificial Heaven" is a cinematic and euphoric electronica track. With influences from Massive Attack and London Grammar. The song is about a future where people can transfer their consciousness to the cloud. This represents the artificial heaven. You can't go back once you go in. The artificial heaven is beautiful but it's far from reality.



Bastian Benjamin & Esther Veen's new song "Opium" is a so called modern take on TripHop. With influences from Massive Attack and Portishead but also Sevdaliza, this song is a nice contrast in your daily music listenings. The track was made in the train at night and recorded the day after. You can hear the atmosphere of the night coming through in the dark tone of the song.



There are some times that when you go outside you get a lot of inspiration to create something. This spontaneous small project was filmed at the pond in Bastian's backyard.

The music was made shortly after it.


follow me

Bastian got selected for a group of talented music producers in his country in the beginning of 2019. The kick-off was going to be a compilation album with one track per artist. Bastian's song is made with a talented vocalist from his school in Tilburg; MAY BBY. It's a dark trip hop song with ambient breakdowns and very dry drops.


come close

Come Close is Bastian's first release on the internet and is co-written by Myra Nendels (Myra Pilar) and Lauren Chiu (Lauren JC). It is about being with someone for years but never getting to know that person. They wrote this song together for a workshop they did on their music school in Best (Netherlands). 

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